12 Back Pain Remedies: Posture, Core, Flexibility


12 Back Pain Remedies: Posture, Core, Flexibility

Back pain is one common ailment which most of us go through at one time or another. It is difficult to determine the exact cause of this pain but there are ways and means to ensure this does not get aggravated and get us bed-ridden. Most often, the back pain is due to some normal activity performed in a wrong manner. Managing this pain is all about reducing strain, strengthening your muscles and protecting your spine.

Back Pain Remedies:

  1. Limit the Bed-Rest:

Lying down when you have that mild back pain is a big ‘NO’. It is important to start moving as soon as possible so that you can loosen the muscles and the stiffness.

  1. Maintaining Posture:

Standing, sitting with a poor posture can increase the level of the back pain. Make an effort and ensure you sit and stand right with enough and more support to your spine.

  1. Exercise:

Take a short walk as this is going to work well in reducing the back pain you are suffering from. This puts the body in an upright, neutral position. Avoid strenuous activities and stick to simple, normal exercises.

  1. Strengthen your Core:

Not many are aware of the fact that strong abdominal muscles can help those suffering from a chronic back pain. The torso is made of a combination of different groups of muscles. The other areas tend to get affected if the abdomen is weak.

  1. Avoid carrying Bulk:

Carrying a laptop is considered as heavy lifting. This can be one of the causes of a back ache. Carry less or ensure you shift the load from one shoulder to another for equal distribution of weight.

  1. Stretching at intervals:

Any position, be it standing, sitting or even lying down for a long period of time at a stretch is not good for the back. You can relieve the strain by walking around and stretching off and on.

  1. Do not Slump over your Desk:

Use good posture when you are sitting at your desk at work. This posture when working supports your back and can bring down the level of the back pain.

  1. Change your Footwear:

Low-heeled shoes are comfortable and do not trouble your back like the high-heeled ones. These high heels can be worn occasionally to prevent any back pains.

  1. Intake of vitamin D and Calcium:

Vitamin D and also Calcium are essential for the bones. You need to make an effort and concentrate on food that contains this. These can keep the spine bones strong and thus, prevent back pains.

  1. Improve Flexibility:

You can ease your back pain by ensuring flexibility. This means putting an equal load throughout your body. Choose some exercises which concentrate on the flexibility of the body.

  1. Stop Smoking:

Smoking definitely kills and in more than one way. Not many are aware that smoking can also cause back problems. Smoking tends to make the back weak which in turn, leads to easy injury.

  1. Eat a Balanced Diet:

Eating right is not only maintaining a healthy weight but also putting less stress on your body. Ensure you chart out a daily diet plan which is well-balanced.

Following the above mentioned tips can definitely help you get some relief from the back pain you are going through.

12 Back Pain Remedies: