16 Home Remedies That Show the Healing Powers of Mother


16 Home Remedies That Show the Healing Powers of Mother

It has been proved over and over again that mothers have that ‘special’ healing powers which no one, not even all those specialists seem to have. As known, a mother is able to get us some relief be it an external pain or an internal pain. Some of these home remedies by our mothers can help us sail through difficult times, where the health is concerned.

  1. for Cough:

For that persistent cough most mothers’ advice on honey mixed with ginger juice. Extract juice of a piece of ginger and mix honey in this. Sip this off and on and get the relief from cough.

  1. Gas and Acidity Problem:

Follow this simple recipe advised by your mother for getting some relief from acidity and gas. Add a pinch of salt and the juice of one lemon to a glass of water. Add a pinch of baking soda and drink this immediately after you have stirred it.

  1. Sore Throat:

Sore throat is common and most often affects those who have consumed a lot of tamarind or raw mangoes. An ancient practice followed by our mothers and grandmothers was to take a burning log and spit on this. Then you need to inhale the vapor which offers instant relief from the sore throat.

  1. Ear Infection:

Ear ache which is due to an infection is ‘bad’. You need to keep a clove of garlic in the ear to get some relief.

  1. Tackling Flu and Colds:

According to the tip from our mother for relieving cold and flu symptoms, you need to sit on a chair with a bucket of hot water at your feet. Rub vaporub on the soles of the feet and dip your feet in this hot water. Drink hot cinnamon tea for maximum relief.

  1. Burning Urination:

Most often burning urination is caused due to excessive heat and dehydration. Following tips from our mothers, it is important to drink one or two glasses of hot water. You can get relief within 10 minutes or so.

  1. Upset Stomach:

Loose motions and upset stomach is definitely troublesome. For relief, you need to swallow a few fenugreek seeds and have a glass of water. This needs to be done two to three times in a day for some relief.

  1. Cuts and Bruises:

Cuts and bruises are common not only in children but also those working at home. All you need to do is apply some turmeric on the bruise or cut and leave it there. Our mother’s advise that this should be applied for a couple of days to find relief.

  1. Bee Sting:

You find that our mothers and grandmothers never panicked when anyone was stung by a bee. Let the bee fly away and with the help of a nail cutter or probably a needle remove the stinger. There is some swelling in that specific area. All you need to do is rub that area with a cut onion off and on to get some relief. If the swelling persists and you go through intolerable pain you can check with a doctor.

  1. Indigestion:

Indigestion does not require doctor consultation. This problem can be easily resolved by taking a pinch of asafetida mixed in a glass of water. You need to ensure you consume food that is light during this period.

  1. Handling a Sprain:

Everyone is not able to handle ice on a sprain. Our mothers advise on making a paste of vinegar and red clay. This needs to be applied on the sprain for around 20 minutes. Studies have also proved that this solution is perfect for any type of sprains.

  1. Sugar for Hiccups:

That annoying bout of hiccups you are going through can subside easily with 1 or 2 teaspoons of sugar. The granules of sugar are coarse and can, thus, brush against the nerve which is irritated and causing problems with your diaphragm.

  1. Insomnia and Cherries:

Our mothers advise on popping few cherries if you feel you are tossing and turning a bit too much during bed time. This is due to the fact that cherries are loaded with melatonin, which is a ‘sleep-hormone’.

  1. Chapped Lips:

Chapped lips are not only an ‘ugly’ feeling but can also be painful at times. Stop spending money on all those lip balms and chap sticks. Choose to dab some olive oil on your lips off and on. This home remedy can beautify your lips and also offer the required relief.

  1. Toothaches:

A toothache can be one of the worst pains you go through. You need some sort of relief till the time you meet your dentist. Vanilla extract works wonders for this ache due to the little content of alcohol. All you need to do is soak a swab of cotton in vanilla extract and dab the affected area. The relief you get from this is ‘sweet’.

  1. Lemon Juice for Bad Breath:

Bad breath can be due to multiple reasons. This is uncomfortable and does not allow you to be yourself. All you need to do is gargle with a little acidic lemon juice which can kill the bacteria which is causing the odor. You then need to have a few spoonfuls of yogurt which is unsweetened. This replaces the bad bacteria with the good bacteria. Your breath is fresh for a minimum of 12 hours.

Following the tips given by our mothers and grandmothers helps in getting relief in a natural manner. There is no need of chemicals or any medications for small ailments. Chemical laden drugs can cause side-effects which are difficult to tackle.

The natural ingredients used for home remedies are tried and tested methods to handle small problems. You save on money and effort of visiting a doctor. This supports a healthy life style which includes giving up on tobacco and exercising regularly along with a well balanced diet. Finally, as these are found in your kitchen you are not running from pillar to post for remedies.

16 Home Remedies That Show the Healing Powers of Mother