8 Natural Remedies for Swollen Feet During Pregnancy


Being pregnant is, without doubt, one of the happiest phases in a lady‘s life. Sadly, it comes with some negative effects and issues. Swollen ft is one of many widespread discomforts confronted by ladies throughout their being pregnant. Additionally known as edema, it’s a situation the place extra fluid accumulates within the tissues of the physique. This may be painful too.

Listed here are Eight dwelling cures for swollen ft throughout being pregnant:

1. Take Food regimen Excessive Potassium

This treatment lets you reduce swelling. Potassium could be very efficient in sustaining the electrolyte stage within the physique. It additionally prevents water from accumulating. Bananas are excessive in potassium. Having a banana a day will assist you to.

2. Dandelion Tea This can be a miracle tea for pregnant girls affected by swollen ft throughout being pregnant. Dandelion tea balances electrolytes throughout the physique and enhances circulation too. Merely boil a couple of dandelions with water and eat the concoction thrice day by day.

3. Maintain Your Toes Elevated Medical doctors often advocate their sufferers to maintain ft in an elevated place via the day to eliminate swelling and ache. That is very useful in sustaining a correct blood circulation throughout the physique. It prevents any pooling of fluids throughout the foot.

4. Strive Apple Cider Vinegar For those who just like the style of vinegar, then ACV will serve the aim. It’s good to add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar right into a cup of water. Drink this combination twice day by day. Being loaded with potassium ACV could be very useful in balancing electrolytes within the physique.

5. Arnica Oil Therapeutic massage Get a soothing foot therapeutic massage. Use arnica oil because it helps to alleviate sore, aching joints, and muscle groups. You might ask your partner, pal, or a masseuse to therapeutic massage your ft with this oil.

6. Cucumber Packs That is straightforward and really stress-free. Place cool slices of cucumber in your ft. It’s good to cowl your complete ft with the slice. Cucumber slices will pull out extra toxins and water. You may additionally chew on a couple of slices day by day to maintain your physique hydrated.

7. Improve Water Consumption Normally, swollen ft consequence from the buildup of fluids within the physique. Many ladies assume that consuming extra water can result in water retention. Nonetheless, the reality is simply the other. Retaining your physique effectively hydrated will assist the physique to flush out extra toxins and fluid inside.

8. Saline Water Soak That is very stress-free. Merely dip your ft within the salty lukewarm water. The house treatment is broadly beneficial by the older skilled ladies and midwives. Boil some water and blend in a handful of salt. As soon as lukewarm, place the feet in a bath and permit your ft to be immersed in it until the water turns chilly. The treatment helps by pulling out extra fluids residing within the tissues.

EndNote – Swollen ft throughout being pregnant is a standard problem. Ladies could discover this very annoying because of the discomfort and ache that tags together with it. Following some tried and examined dwelling cures as acknowledged above will help. For extreme points adopted fever and different issues, it is a very important to name the physician.