9 Easy Ways to relieve Back Pain at Work in 2020


9 Easy Ways to relieve Back Pain at Work in 2020

Besides the common cold, a back pain is one of the main reasons for people to miss work. It has been researched that almost 8 out of every 10 people suffer from a back pain at one time or another. A chronic back pain is a pain which tends to last for more than 3 months. Going through a chronic back pain affects the functioning of the brain and also the social and judgment skills. Listed below are some ways you can get some relief from back pain at work.

  1. Optimizing your Phone Calls:

Tucking the phone between the head and the shoulder is one sure way to get rid of that dreadful back pain. You can either put your phone on the speaker or use your hands to attend the call. Make sure you keep alternating between the left and the right hand when the conversation is long.

  1. Customize the Desk and the Chair:

Most people tend to lean forward on their chair at work. This tends to crush the disks located in the lower back and strains the shoulders and neck. Ensure you are able to support the natural curve of the spine when working and adjust the chair in a manner so that your feet rest on the floor.

  1. Get up and Move Around:

Sitting in a specific position for a long period of time is definitely damaging to the back. For getting some relief from the back pain you need to get up and move after every 20 minutes or so.

  1. Adjust your Armrests:

You can either adjust your armrest or even remove these so that your arms are at an angle of 90 degrees. The shoulders are placed low in this position and can help in a back strain.

  1. Improve your Posture:

You can improve your posture while at work or even try doing some yoga in your break. Pilates, yoga or sit-ups can help your back pain at work.

  1. Alternate between sitting and standing:

Studies have proved that at least half the hours at work should be in a standing position. This works well for those who have a stand-sit workstation.

  1. Keep the Monitor away:

You need to ensure that the monitor is placed slightly below the level of the eye. This helps you in sitting back instead of straining your neck and stooping forward.

  1. Heat and Ice:

Applying heat and ice can help in getting some relief if your back pain is unbearable at work. You can take some time-off and carry on this in the rest room.

  1. Relaxation Techniques:

You can even try to meditate for a short time to manage the back pain you are going through. This tends to reduce the level of perceived pain.

You need to consult a doctor if the back pain does not improve in a fortnight or so, or if you have fever accompanying this pain. The OTC drugs or prescription drugs can help in easing out this back pain. Surgery is rarely required for this pain.

9 Easy Ways to relieve Back Pain at Work in 2020