Apple for Health


Apple for Health

Apple is one fruit which is consumed globally. This can be termed as a ‘versatile’ fruit as you can add apple to different desserts, cakes, pastries, pies, tarts and a lot more. This fruit is considered as extremely nutritious. You find multiple varieties of apples globally. This fruit is among the first 10 fruits which are healthy.

Benefits of Apples:

  1. Prevention of Dementia:

As apples benefit neurological health, you find that this decreases the risk of dementia. This fruit protects the neuron cells against neurotoxicity which is oxidative and induced by stress. Studies have proved that Alzheimer’s and dementia can be avoided if you consume an apple every day.

  1. Weight Loss:

Apples are high in water and fiber and thus are filling. Eating an apple before meals helps you consume fewer calories. These are energy-dense but deliver volume and fiber.

  1. Heart Disease:

The soluble fiber present in apple helps in lowering the levels of blood cholesterol. The polyphenols present in this fruit offer antioxidants effect. Flavonoid epicatechin present in apples lowers the blood pressure.

  1. Diabetes control:

Studies have proved that eating an apple a day can lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes. This is due to the presence of polyphenol antioxidant.

Nutrition of apples:

Apples are termed as a ‘powerhouse’ for nutrition as these contain

*Vitamin B-complex which are important for maintaining the nervous system and red blood cells.

*Vitamin C which can block of the damage done by free radicals and can also the boost the resistance of the body against different types of infections.

*Minerals like potassium, calcium and phosphorous.

*Dietary fiber which can prevent the development of specific diseases and also prevent the level of bad cholesterol to rise in the blood.

*Phytonutrients which protect the human body from effects of the free radicals.

Tips on Apple salad:

With multiple benefits offered by the apple, it is essential to include this in your every day diet. Few tips on how to consume apples can make this interesting.

  1. Cottage Cheese, Guava and Apple:

Besides apple, guava is another fruit which is nutritious. The combination of apple, guava along with cottage cheese and cucumbers works out a tasty salad.

  1. Pine nut and Apple salad:

Pine nuts with apple are absolutely satisfying to the taste buds. This salad works ideally in summers. You can also add onions, baby fennel, cherry tomatoes and rocket leaves for the additional flavor.

  1. Waldorf Salad:

Apples which are tossed in sugar and a few drops of lemon juice along with celery and nuts with a dressing of mayonnaise can satisfy your cravings for sweets and also benefit your overall health.

There are not many negatives to eating apples. You only need to ensure you do not consume too much of the apple seeds as these contain cyanide. If overeaten, apples can also cause acidity to a certain extent. In short, make sure you do not over-eat this fruit so that you are benefitted to the maximum without any complications.

Apple for Health