Benefits of drinking Tea


Benefits of drinking Tea

Tea is one of the most preferred beverages worldwide. This drink is available in a wide range of varieties with different level of caffeine present. You can choose from the different recipes available and enjoy the cup of taste and flavor whenever you desire. Studies have proved that besides the many other benefits provided by this ‘magic’ cup, tea is beneficial for the brain. Drinking tea results in greater structural connectivity in the brain and also better functions. Listed below are the many advantages you get when drinking tea on a regular basis.

  1. Tea on a regular basis brings down the risk of heart problems. This also works as a protection against degenerative diseases. It is known to widen the arteries and reduce the risks of any clot formation. The blood flow tends to get better.
  2. Tooth decay can be controlled with regular consumption f tea. This drink is a source of fluoride which is essential for the strength of the teeth. The enamel of the tooth is bolstered. The antioxidants present can also help in fighting bacteria and tooth decay.
  3. Water is definitely the first choice for the required hydration. Including tea can add to the benefits as studies have proved that this drink can help equally in the hydration like water. Tea is considered to provide flavorsome and rich form of water.
  4. Specific tea, like the green tea tends to strengthen the memory cells in the brain. This also provides protection from different brain diseases like Dementia or Alzheimer’s.
  5. Looking for a drink which helps in weight loss, drink tea. This is known to keep the fat of the body down and also speeds the burning of calories. Sipping on tea is definitely a better choice as compared to sipping on a soda or any other aerated drink.
  6. Green tea is known to work as a back-up to sunscreen as this provides enough protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  7. The free radicals in the body can be eliminated with regular consumption of tea. Though the body can fight the free radicals but this is not totally effective. Tea can help to ensure that the free radicals are totally wiped off.
  8. There are chances that you can eliminate the risks of cancer with drinking tea on a regular basis.

Different Types of Healthy Tea:

You can choose from the different types of tea available by ensuring this meets your requirement and taste.

*Black Tea:

Black tea is as beneficial as the green tea and can help in preventing viruses in the gums and the mouth and can also widen the arteries and prevent any clotting.

*Green Tea:

Green tea is beneficial in multiple ways and can also help in boosting the function of the liver and strengthen the bones. This strengthening of the bones can help in eliminating any risks of arthritis. It is advisable to brew the leaves directly instead of using the tea bags so that you can avail of the benefits to a large extent.

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