Busting the Myths of Corona Virus


Busting the Myths of Corona Virus

COVID – 19 is spreading at a rapid pace around the world. There is anxiety and panic all around and to make the situation worse there is a lot of misinformation floating around. At present, the people are vulnerable and gullible and believe any information given to them about this disease. Though there are many things which are not known about this disease from Wuhan, China there are specific things which we are sure of. Knowledge is definitely power and giving the right information, this article can bust the myths which are confusing a lot of people.

  1. The New Corona Virus can be killed by a disinfection ultra violet lamp:

Though there are hospitals using UV light for killing microbes on different surface like labs or operating rooms, this cannot be used for disinfecting the hands as this can lead to skin irritation. This has been clarified by the WHO (World Health Organization).

  1. The Corona Virus can be killed by the Hand Dryer:

This virus is dangerous and stubborn and does not die so easily. So, no way can the hand dryer kill this virus and this has been informed by the WHO. Instead, ensure you wash your hands with soap and water as many times as possible to save you from this virus.

  1. Spraying Chlorine or Alcohol all over your body can kill the Corona Virus:

Spraying chlorine or alcohol works well for disinfecting surfaces but using these chemicals does not get rid of the Corona virus if you are already infected. Hand sanitizers with a high percentage of alcohol work well for keeping your hands clean. The WHO points out that sparing of these substances can cause harm to your body or even your eyes.

  1. Thermal Detectors can detect people suffering from Corona Virus:

Thermal detectors can detect fevers which is more than the normal body temperature, but detecting corona virus with this is not possible. WHO clarifies that those who are infected take anywhere between 2 to 14 days to show any specific symptoms and have fever. As the symptoms of flu are similar to the COVID – 19 it is all the more tough to diagnose.

  1. Receiving a Parcel or any Package from China is not safe:

There is no risk of getting infected by the corona virus if you receive a parcel of package from China. Research has proved that this virus does not survive for a long period of time on objects like parcels or letters.

  1. Pneumonia Vaccines can protect you from COVID – 19:

At present there is no cure for corona virus and no vaccine. This is a new virus which needs its own vaccine. There is research going on so as to develop a new vaccine as soon as possible, though this might not be ready for the present outbreak.

  1. Only Older People are affected by the Corona Virus:

This COVID – 19 can affect people of any age but the elderly and those with underlying health conditions are more vulnerable to this virus and are also at a greater risk of the different complications.

It is important that you follow only information given by authorized health officials and not just anybody. This will lead to less of confusion and panic.

Busting the Myths of Corona Virus: