Easiest Ways to Lose Weight without Strict Exercise or Diet Plan


It can really be very difficult to stick to a traditional exercise or diet plan. There are some proven tips to help your body to automatically consume fewer calories. These tips will help you avoid weight gain next time.

Chew Properly and Slowly

Your brain takes time to understand that you have had proper food. So, chewing food can make you slow down and reduce intake, smaller portions, and increase fullness. Time is taken in eating meals also affects your weight. According to a study, faster eating may lead you to gain weight, instead of slow eating. They are also more likely to be obese. Count the number of times you chew on each bite to make it a habit.

Smaller Plates for Snacks

These days, a typical food plate is larger than before. Using smaller plates can make you eat less as portions look larger. On the other side, serving looks smaller on a bigger plate. So, you eat more. So, serve healthy food on larger plates and use smaller ones when it comes to eating snacks. Smaller plates can make your brain thinking that you have done enough of eating than you actually did.

Eat Enough of Protein

Add protein-rich food to your diet routines. It has great effects on your hunger. It can make you feel fuller and reduce hunger. This way, you can consume fewer calories. Protein affects a lot of hormones which play a vital role in fullness and hunger. By increasing protein consumption from 15 to 30 percent, you can eat 441 fewer calories daily and lose up to 10 pounds in 3 to 4 months, without restricting anything intentionally.

Keep Unhealthy Foods at Bay

For faster weight loss, keep healthy foods in your fridge at the front and center so they can be visible. Keep unhealthy foods out of sight as they can increase cravings and hunger.