Fight the Pandemic by ‘Flattening the Curve’


Fight the Pandemic by ‘Flattening the Curve’  The people around the world are battling to protect themselves from the COVID – 19. There are a limited few who have some sort of an understanding of this dreadful disease. At this time there is a chart graph which has gained popularity as it sheds light on the sped and scale of this outbreak.

This chart of ‘flattening the curve’ illustrates the manner of the new cases of the corona virus expected to hit. The high curve means that the infections are spreading fast with the likely deaths increasing and some of the people not getting the required medical attention. The low curve means that COVID – 19 is spreading in a slow manner which allows the doctors to treat more patients and bring the death toll down to the minimum.

What is Flatten the Curve?

As seen, schools are closing down, cultural and sports events are being cancelled, people are practicing social distancing and employees are being asked to work from home. All these measures taken are for ‘flattening the curve’. It is important to respond aggressively to this outbreak so that we can curb the spread of this deadly virus.

Washing hands and social distancing can help bring down the number of patients affected with this deadly virus. Without any measures taken there are chances of the epidemic taking a sharp rise or even come down drastically. People are worried about the number of cases overloading the systems.

Understanding the Graph:

The first line in the graph is the worst case scenario in which there is a dramatic spike in the corona virus cases. There are possibilities of the medical staff getting sick or even we do not have the required number of doctors to manage the disease. There also might be a short age of medical equipment and ventilators, leading to an increase in the number of deaths due to COVID – 19.

The second line on the graph is what you can hope to see with the necessary precautions and preventive measures taken. The epidemic might continue but there will be no pressure on the system. With the peak numbers being on the lower side, there will be enough medical personnel to attend to the different patients. There will also be enough of medical equipment required to manage this disease.

Social distancing and hand washing can help in achieving the second line. This system has worked in the present in cities like China and Korea, where you have seen the number of cases decreasing significantly with fewer deaths.

Flattening the graph might not change the number of people who are infected but this can definitely avoid the trajectory of the outbreak in which a big number of people fall sick at one time.

You need to be aware that if the disease progresses at a natural pace the curve in the given graph turns into a spike.

Of the 128, 000 people who have been infected, nearly half of them have been cured but the toll on dollars and human life is definitely staggering.

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Fight the Pandemic by ‘Flattening the Curve’