Home Remedies for Back Ache


Home Remedies for Back Ache

Back pain is one pain which is difficult to deal with. Most people suffer from this frustrating pain at one time or another. A back ache can due to many reasons. Most of the time simple home remedies for back ache offer the required relief and there is no need to visit the doctor. The treatment’s goal needs to be to get you moving as soon as possible. The treatment depends on the severity of the pain and where exactly is the location of the back ache.

Some Remedies of Lower Back Ache:

  1. Using Heat and Cold:

Studies have proved that using hot and cold compress can relieve back ache to a large extent. Ice packs work well when an individual uses these immediately after some injury. You need to apply ice wrapped in a towel to bring down the inflammation. This can also numb the area which is affected. This needs to be applied to not more than 20 minutes at a stretch.

Muscles which are stiff can be problematic and cause back ache. A heating pad offers relief for the aching muscles. Ensure the temperature is not too hot when using this heat pad.

  1. Exercising:

It is definitely a challenge to exercise when suffering from a lower back ache. You need to walk for a short distance slowly so that the muscles are loosened. You can also decide on water exercises or yoga to get some relief from this ache. This can release endorphins which is beneficial. To ensure strengthening of the muscles you can plan out a daily exercise program.

  1. Switching Shoes:

Shoes which offer no support or even those which do not fit properly can lead to back ache. High heels can play havoc with the alignment of the body and cause a back ache. If you experience a back ache on a regular basis you need to plan on switching your foot wear.

  1. Get sleep:

Deprivation of quality sleep often leads to back problems. Pillows of the wrong size or uncomfortable mattresses are often causes of back ache. You need at least 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep every day. The proper comfort and alignment can decrease the back ache to a large extent. The pillow needs to support the neck and the back in the proper manner.

  1. Managing stress:

Stress is one major cause of multiple ailments. If you find that any type of stress is leading to the back ache you need to ensure you find ways and means to reduce this. You can decide on deep breathing or probably include meditation in our daily routine. Yoga is another way which can ensure the relaxation you need to get rid of stress.

When to see a Doctor?

Most often back ache can be managed with home remedies. Chronic and severe back ache needs to be tackled by a doctor. You might need some sort of medications or physical therapy to get rid of this back ache.

Home Remedies for Back Ache