Home Remedies for Burns


Home Remedies for Burns

Every type of burn does not need emergency treatment. The severity of the burn determines whether you need to go to the hospital or no. Minor burns can be easily treated at home. As known, burn is one of the most common household injuries. Definitely, this is painful but you need to make sure that a burn does not cause any type of infection. The burn injuries are measured from the 1st degree burn to the 4th degree burns. Usually, the 1st and the 2nd degree burns can be treated at home without any risk.

  1. Cold Water:

You need to ensure that the burnt area is kept under cold water for the initial 20 minutes. This can prevent any further injury and also offer relief to a large extent. This remedy tends to prevent the burn from getting worse and also can stop or reduce the pain.

  1. Aloe vera:

It has been proved that aloe vera can heal burns of the 1st and 2nd degree. This is also known as a ‘burn’ plant. This plant can promote circulation and inhibits the bacterial growth besides being anti-inflammatory.

Apply the gel from the leaf of the aloe vera plant directly to the area which is burnt.

  1. Cleaning the Burn:

After you have ensured that cold water has helped in soothing the burn, you need to ensure you clean this. It is important not to scrub the affected area and use a mild soap which is anti-bacterial. This cleaning of the burn can bring down the risk of any infection. If you find that there is no improvement in the healing after a day or so, you need to ensure you get this checked by a qualified medical professional.

  1. Anti-biotic creams:

You need to use anti-biotic ointments or cream if the burn has blisters which are open. This cream or ointment can accelerate the process of healing and also prevent infections.

After the application of the cream, ensure you cover the burn.

Home Remedies to be avoided:

There are some home remedies which need to be avoided for burns.

*Applying coconut oil is not the solution to every problem. This tends to lock the heat in and is thus not considered a solution for any type of burns.

*There are many who advise on using egg whites on burns. Stay away from this remedy as this can only increase the chances of infections.

*Besides the above, there are many who advise on using toothpaste, butter or ice for burns. You need to be aware that applying these is risky as the chances to infections increase with these applications.

You need to consult a doctor if any burn has affected an area which is more than three inches or if the burn has affected the hands, face, groin area or the buttocks. You also need to take advice from a doctor if you develop a fever after the burn.

Finally, any burn which is due to the electricity needs medical attention and cannot be treated at home.