Home remedies for Knee Pain


Home remedies for Knee Pain

Knee pain is common occurrence, mostly in the aged. Mild or moderate knee pain can be tackled at home but it is always better to get this checked from a qualified professional if the pain is persistent or caused due to an injury. There are specific types of knee pains which might require surgery if neglected. If you are sure that the pain is due to some inflammation or even arthritis you can decide on the home remedies to reduce knee pain. Some symptoms which usually accompany knee pain are

*Warm knees or red and swollen

*Instability or weakness

*Crunching or Popping noises

*Inability to make the knee straight.

Some Home Remedies of Knee Pain:

  1. RICE:

RICE means Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevation. You can apply a bag of ice or a cold compress to the affected knee. You can also decide to use frozen vegetables instead of ice. For preventing any swelling you need to wrap the knee with the compression bandage. Keep your foot elevated when you are resting.

  1. Weight Management and Exercise:

It is important to ensure movement of the joint every day, and this is where exercise takes its importance. Exercise is all the more important for those suffering from any type of arthritis. Lack of this can make the joint stiff and can also lead to deformation of the joints. Weight management is important as any additional weight tends to put pressure on the knees.

  1. Aromatherapy:

Essential oils can help you deal with knee pain. Any oil which contains orange and ginger can improve the functionality and manage the knee pain. This is more so for those who are suffering from arthritis.

You can also massage your knee with an ointment which contains ginger, cinnamon, sesame oil and mastic.

  1. Tai Chi:

Tai Chi is one type of meditative exercise which benefits all those suffering from knee pain. This exercise is known to improve flexibility and balance. The mental discipline which this exercise offers can help in dealing with any type of chronic pain.

  1. Using Ginger:

As known, ginger has inflammatory properties which are suitable for all types of knee pain. You can either chew on a piece of ginger or even apply this to the affected area. You can consume a ginger concoction with warm water, honey and few drops of lime. This concoction needs to be had 2 to 3 times a day for maximum benefits.

  1. Lemon:

Besides the anti inflammatory properties of lemon, the citric acid present can moderate the crystals of the uric acid. You can either massage gently the affected are with lemon and sesame oil or even have lemon tea.

In case of consistent pain even after you have tried out the home remedies for knee pain you need to make sure you consult your doctor. Any type of arthritis needs medical intervention. Besides which, fever which accompanies knee pain, is an indication of some infection and needs medical treatment. Home remedies for knee pain does offer some relief but not always.

Home remedies for Knee Pain: