Home Remedies for Motion sickness


Home Remedies for Motion sickness

Motion sickness can happen to anybody. The symptoms can range from dizziness to mild nausea and vomiting or sweating, or probably all of the above. This happens normally when the brain gets information which is conflicting from your body, your inner ear and your eyes. There are some who are at a greater risk of getting this. This includes

*Those suffering from migraines

*Women, especially when they are on hormone therapy, or pregnant or even menstruating.

*People who are on specific types of medications like narcotics, specific antibiotics, antidepressants, medicines for asthma or even OTC drugs.

*Kids who are 2 to 12 years old.

Tips for Relief:

Some of the tips listed below can help you manage this discomfort easily.

  1. Take the Situation in Control:

When you are travelling by a four wheeler and not driving, there is a possibility of getting motion sickness. A passenger is more prone to this sickness as compared to the driver. You can take over the driving to help you curb this uneasy feeling. In case you wish to travel as a passenger, make sure you sit in the front seat and look at the horizon. This gives you a sense of control. You can also distract yourself by making small talk with your co-passengers, avoid reading and open a window to breathe in fresh air.

  1. Choose a Position:

Choose a seat where you experience minimum motion. The area over the wing of an airplane is the calmest if you are flying.

The cabins which are in the lower level near the center tend to be the calmest for those sailing. It is advisable to distance yourself from others who are facing a similar problem of motion sickness. Talking about this problem or even seeing others suffering from this can also make you feel sick.

  1. Limit the Consumption:

Make sure you do not eat or drink before and even while travelling. Avoid alcohol, food and drinks which do not suit you. Foods which have excessive spices or those which are considered as ‘heavy’ and have a strong odor can worsen the symptoms of nausea and dizziness.

  1. Pre-treatment with Ginger:

Studies have proved that taking a little ginger before you travel can avoid this motions sickness. In case you are on some sort of medication, consult your doctor before you consume ginger.

  1. Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile is one herb which can soothe the stomach. This can relax the muscles in the stomach and reduce the acids. Before starting the trip, steep some of this tea and store it in a flask. You can sip it off and on for some relief.

Most often, motion sickness tends to stop once you have reached your destination. There are no life-long complications with this. If the very idea of travelling makes you anxious, you can consult your doctor. Some prescription drugs can help you feel relaxed and calm when travelling. You can even have the OTC drugs which are a big help in dealing with this sickness.

Home Remedies for Motion sickness: