How can I get rid of Dandruff at home?


How can I get rid of Dandruff at home?

Most of us have gone through the dandruff problem at one time or another. Not many are aware that this dandruff problem is more about the scalp than the hair. The nasty flakes can make a perfect evening, a disaster. This problem can be faced by anyone, immaterial of gender, age or race. You can say this is a ‘universal’ problem. Instead of running from pillar to post looking for dandruff remedies why not look for some effective home remedies for dandruff.

*Use Coconut oil for Dandruff:

Coconut oil is known to offer multiple health benefits. One essential benefit offered by his oil is getting rid of dandruff fast. You need to be aware that coconut oil offers the required hydration to the scalp and keeps dryness at bay. Dryness is one major cause of dandruff.

This needs to be applied with equal amount of lemon juice for maximum benefit. This lemon juice has anti-fungal properties which is one of the requirements for tackling dandruff permanently. This mixture of lemon juice and coconut oil needs to be on your hair for at least 20 minutes before you wash this off.

*Eliminate dandruff with Vinegar and Olive oil:

The olive oil used in the treatment for dandruff tends to minimize the oxidative damage and is also a natural conditioner. This is light weight oil which helps in battling dandruff. The fungal infections are tackled with vinegar which has acetic properties. The blood circulation is also improved.

You need to mix 2tsp of Vinegar with 1tsp of Olive oil. This mixture needs to be applied to the different sections of your hair. You need to wash this off with an anti-dandruff shampoo which is free of sulfate.

*Using Salt to lessen Dandruff:

The sebum and excessive oil which can clog the pores of the scalp is absorbed by salt. Using in an adequate amount, salt can also defy any fungal infection and absorb the excessive moisture. This can be used with the normal shampoo. All you need to do is add a pinch of salt to a little shampoo and wash your hair with this. Wash your hair with water which is luke warm for maximum effect.

*Tea Tree Oil for Dandruff:

Tea tree oil has anti-fungal properties and is considered a perfect cleansing agent. All that is required is adding around 6 drops of this oil to half a cup of any essential oil and massage this well into the scalp to minimize the dandruff.

You can add this to your shampoo for the tackling of dandruff.

Different home remedies for dandruff work well but you need to ensure you concentrate on a well-balanced diet. Food plays an important role in the health of your scalp and skin. You can include bananas, chickpeas, and Wheat germ, apples, ginger and sunflower seeds in your diet to help you tackle dandruff in a natural manner.

In case you find that the above listed home remedies for dandruff have made no difference to the dandruff problem, it is advisable to consult a skin specialist at the earliest.

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