How do you treat Extremely Dry Skin?


How do you treat Extremely Dry Skin?

Dry skin can be caused by many culprits, this includes the long cold winter months, bathing habits, environment, hereditary and the list goes on. Going through the discomfort of dry skin is definitely challenging and you are impatient to find different ways and means to get rid of this. There are multiple products available in the market which promises you a glowing radiant skin in no time, but you need to remember that all these skin care products are full of different chemicals. Is it not wiser to try out some natural home remedies which can help your discomfort of dry skin vanish?

*Say ‘NO’ to Hot Water:

A hot water bath is a luxury in those cold winter months. You need to be aware this is one way to speed up the process of drying up your skin. Choose warm water instead of hot water for your bath when you are facing this problem of dry skin.

*The ‘Right’ Soaps for Dry Skin:

Keep a safe distance from soaps which have a lot of those so called perfumes, deodorants and more. Look for soaps which are natural and have essential oils as the base. You can use any gentle soap with enough of moisturizing agents.

*Exfoliate perfect for Dry Skin:

A mask made of oatmeal and honey is that perfect face mask for exfoliating dry skin. 2tbsps of oats mixed with 1tbsp of honey and a dash of water s what you need for getting some relief from the dry skin. This not only hydrates the skin but also soothes it. You can leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off for maximum benefits.

*Use Sunscreen:

The rays of the sun are definitely harmful to the skin, be it summer or winter. These rays tend to dry up the skin faster. Ensure you make use of sunscreen whenever you step out of the house during the day. This is a small effort which can spare you from the discomfort of dry skin.

* Humidify during winter:

Treat dry skin by making use of a humidifier during the cold winter months. Dry skin gets all the more parched when you use different appliances to heat up your home. Using a humidifier can replenish the lost moisture and is that perfect treatment for dry skin.

*Clothing for Dry Skin:

Though it is cold, using woolens with direct contact to your skin can dry this up quickly. It is advisable to layer your clothing with the base layers of clothing in cotton.

Summarizing natural remedies for dry skin

  1. Your skin care routine needs to include moisturizing your skin liberally.
  2. Develop bathing habits which are considered as ‘skin-friendly’.
  3. Stay well hydrated to avoid the risks of dry skin
  4. Avoid exposing your skin to any harsh chemicals.
  5. Wear clothes which are comfortable and do not irritate your skin.

It is important to consult a doctor when you find that not a single natural remedy for dry skin is helping you in any manner.