Natural Remedies for Every Health Problem – 2020


Natural Remedies for Every Health Problem – 2020

The use of natural remedies for different health problems is on the rise worldwide. These natural home remedies not only save on different expenses but are also definitely safer as compared to the chemical alternatives. These natural remedies chosen can improve your health to a large extent and also works as an appropriate cure for different ailments.

  1. Menstrual Pain:

Hectic life style and an imbalanced diet have increased the menstrual pain in most women. Stretching and hot water bottles are commonly used for this pain. Few women are aware of Vitamin D relieving pain. Studies have proved that taking Vitamin D five days before your periods can bring down the level of pain significantly.

  1. Headaches:

There are multiple factors which cause a headache and this can be intolerable at times. Try acupuncture for relieving this pain as this has been used since ancient times and has helped many people.

  1. Weight Problems:

Obesity and excessive weight leads to different diseases. Losing weight is fast gaining importance and one way to go about this is to include healthy fats in your regular diet. You need to avoid any foods which are marked as ‘low-fats’ or ‘fat-free’.

  1. Treating Anxiety:

Chronic anxiety leads to heart disease. There are different medications which claim to tackle this but why not try meditating and observe the difference. This can keep you calm and composed for a long period of time.

  1. Indigestion Problems:

Spicy and oily food is one of the main causes of indigestion. This is uncomfortable and frustrating. Try peppermint for immediate relief. This can be peppermint oil, peppermint tea or plain peppermint.

  1. Flaky and Dry Skin:

Dry skin is a problem faced by many. Instead of all those creams and lotions which are full of harmful chemicals, use honey on the affected area to see the difference. This is a natural moisturizer and is often used in multiple natural remedies.

  1. Brittle Nails:

Do your nails tend to break and chip very easily? Have some patience and apply coconut oil on them instead of paying a visit to the beautician or the doctor.

  1. Bad Breath:

There are times when all the flossing and brushing of your teeth does not help in any way to tackle the bad breath. You are scared to talk due to embarrassment. Oil pulling has worked wonders for many. All you need to do is swish around 1tbsp of coconut oil in your mouth for around 20 minutes every day before you clean your teeth.

  1. PMS (Pre-menstrual Syndrome):

During PMS you feel bloated, are impatient and cranky and find it tough dealing with your routine. Concentrate on consuming foods with a good content of magnesium. You can include sunflower seeds, almonds, and different greens to ensure the intake of magnesium.

  1. Cold and Flu:

Colds and flu has been managed with home remedies since ages. All you need to do is ensure a good intake of vitamin C along with a nutritious diet which includes leafy greens.

  1. Joint Pain or Arthritis:

Arthritis or other joint pains is definitely painful to the highest level. Why not choose anti-inflammatory foods in your diet? You need to ensure you make good use of turmeric as this has helped in managing inflammation since ancient times.

  1. Stress:

There are ways and means to avoid stress but the best way to go about this is to ensure you limit your intake of caffeine as this is known to increase the adrenaline in your body.

  1. Sore Lower Back:

A back ache is normally due to strain. This can also be due to stress, some injury or probably your posture. It is not essential to run to the doctor immediately when you are suffering from this. You can try to strengthen the abdominal muscles by including exercises specifically for muscle-lengthening. You got the choice of Pilates which s known to make a difference to any type of a back pain.

  1. Eczema:

This skin ailment is uncomfortable as you cannot stop yourself from itching. The more you itch the worse this gets. It is important you calm the area affected with eczema and for this you can try having a bath with the magnesium bath salts for some sort of a relief.

  1. Sore Muscles:

That body ache due to sore muscles is, for sure, something none of us would want to go though. Have a nice warm water bath and ice the area with crushed ice to prevent any more damage to your muscles.

  1. Vertigo:

Vertigo might make you feel dizzy or you find yourself unsteady and spinning. This also is the culprit of nausea. Add Basil leaves to boiling water and inhale the steam. This aroma therapy can help in managing vertigo to a great extent.

  1. UTI (Urinary Tract Infection):

A urinary tract infection needs anti-biotic for sure but a detox can help the recovery process. Cut down on inflammatory, sugary foods which contain yeast, for some sort of a comfort.

  1. Hangover:

You have crossed your limits and now that hangover seems to be troubling you. Go for coconut water which works well for this as coconut water is known to be a good hydrator and that is what you need.

  1. Nausea:

There are many reasons for you suffering from nausea. What you need is some sort of a relief on an immediate basis and this is where ginger helps. All you need to do is adding some lemon and chopped ginger to hot water and sip on this.

  1. Pimples:

Pimples are uncomfortable and tend to make you feel ugly. Sort this out by dabbing some apple cider vinegar on the affected area with the help of a cotton ball. You will see the difference overnight.

  1. Nicotine cravings:

It is advisable to quit smoking immediately so that you do not face major health problems. It s understood that the cravings for nicotine is going to trouble you. Take up some exercise for 30 minutes every day. This will be helpful.

  1. Hiccups:

Hiccups are natural and not a medical emergency. Definitely, this leads to some discomfort but can be tackled by sipping diluted apple cider vinegar.

  1. Muscle Cramps:

There is a build-up of lactic acid with low levels of magnesium. This is one main cause of muscle cramps. You need to choose a magnesium supplement and also have an Epsom salt bath for immediate relief.

  1. Anemic:

Feeling drained out sans any energy?.  Lack of iron means you are anemic and this is when you need to concentrate more on leafy green vegetables and lean meat.

  1. Urinary Tract Infections:

For some relief for the urinary tract infection, make sure you concentrate on drinking cranberry juice. This prevents the bacteria adhesion within a time span of only eight hours.

  1. Dry Cuticles:

Washing your hands too often and not moisturizing them enough leads to dry cuticles. This can also be due to some medications or cold weather. All you need to do is make a mixture of aloe Vera juice, olive oil and raw honey and massage your hands with this.

  1. Asthma:

Wheezing, coughing constantly and shortness of breath are some symptoms of asthma. You can try managing this by increasing your intake of Vitamin C and including fish oil.

  1. Body Odor:

The bacteria living on the skin can break down the sweat into acids and cause body odor. Try to consume liquid chlorophyll. Add a tablespoon of the green pigment which is found in plants to a bottle of water. Besides managing the body odor, this can also help in regulating the bowel movements, increase energy, and boost the red blood cells and more.

  1. Smelly Feet:

Covering your feet the whole day long does not allow them to breathe, leading it to become smelly feet. Soak your feet in a tub of water which has lemon and baking soda. This mixture kills the fungus and the bacteria and can also make your skin soft.

  1. Sweating:

Some people tend to sweat more than the others and this can make them uncomfortable. All you need to do is take sliced potato which is raw and rub this under your arms. This prevents the excess sweating.

  1. Sore Throat:

Sore throat is not only painful but also uncomfortable. You can drink a glass of hot water with honey and lemon juice mixed in this. This tends to soothe the soreness and offer some comfort.

  1. Constipation:

Dealing with constipation can be easy if you decide on adding oatmeal to your regular diet. You can also massage the abdomen area with olive oil to get some relief. Include a lot of fiber along with fruits and vegetables for long term relief from constipation.

  1. Hair Loss:

When the ‘crowning glory’ is affected in any way most people are distressed. You have seen your hair falling everyday and you are at a loss of what is to be done. Mix coconut milk and carrot juice and apply this to your hair. This can help your hair stay strong and healthy.

  1. Common Fever:

You get fever not only with infections but also due to fatigue. Add saffron to your tea and sip this for some relief. You also have the choice of sipping on a warm glass of milk.

  1. Cracked Heels:

Cracked heels bring down your level of confidence and can also be painful. Make an effort and ensure you give this problem some time. All you need to do is wash and dry your feet well and apply hydrogenated vegetable oil every day.

  1. Chronic Acne:

Chronic acne can be difficult to manage. Do not give up on hope and make sure you eliminate dairy products for a period of six weeks at a stretch for the difference you so want.

  1. Minor Burns:

Minor burns are most common for all those who are looking after the kitchen. As long as the burn is small, there is no need for any panic. All you need to do is keep the affected area under running water for some time and then apply aloe Vera gel to this.

  1. Fatigue:

Fatigue is very common at present times due to the hectic life style, imbalanced diet and many other factors. One way to feel fresh and energetic is to sip on a ginseng tea. This ginseng is an age-old remedy for all the fatigue problems.

  1. Insomnia:

Not getting the required quota of quality sleep can make you tired and fussy the next morning. Try drinking cherry juice twice a day to get the required sleep.

  1. Dandruff:

This dandruff problem is very common. There are multiple causes of this problem, like dry skin, some sort of an allergy, improper diet and so on. Using coconut oil is one way you can tackle this problem of dandruff. This eliminates the problem of dryness and also hydrates the scalp nicely.

  1. Nasal Congestion:

Sleepless nights and frustrating days is what you are heading for with a nasal congestion. Drink a glass of water with 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. You can also go for steaming when you are facing this problem.

  1. Digestion Problems:

Any sort of a problem with digestion can ruin your day. Relax; all you need to do is start having a glass of warm water and lemon in the morning before you have your breakfast. Make this a habit and feel fresh the whole day long.

Choosing natural home remedies for different ailments is not only cheaper but also safer. This spares you those tiresome trips to the doctor every time you face a discomfort. As these remedies involve making use of different spices, herbs and vegetables and fruits and thus, is easy to find. Not only are these home remedies milder but they are also very effective.

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