Simple Home Remedies for Different Ailments


Most of the home remedies used for treating different ailments are spices, herbs or probably fruits and vegetables. These are safe as compared to all those drugs available at your chemist. You are spared of the trouble of going to the doctor. These work out cost-effective as most of these are available in all homes. You do not have to hunt for different home remedies like you need to do for different medicines. Natural home remedies are a better choice but you need to be aware that major problems can be cured only by doctors.

Some Home Remedies:

  • Digestion and Peppermint:

You can add a few drops of peppermint oil to a glass of water or even sip on the peppermint tea when you face any type of indigestion. This is a natural herb that is used for treating problems with digestion since times immemorial.

  • Ginger for Nausea:

All the nausea you feel can be eliminated by sipping on ginger tea. You can also use ginger in the grated form in your smoothies. This increases the motility and the tone in the GI tract and aids in digestion.

  • Sugar for Hiccups:

Though sugar is a big no for the overall health of an individual but popping a bit of this when you have hiccups is no big deal. This works as it stimulates the vagus nerve, leading the spasms of the diaphragm to stop.

Adding 2 tsp. apple cider vinegar to one glass of water helps in soothing the stomach and the stomach linings. You can also add a little honey and gargle with this concoction to help you get some relief from a sore throat. Due to the probiotic properties, apple cider vinegar can help in eliminating harmful bacteria.

  • Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair:

Coconut oil has been used since ancient times for hair. Not many are aware that this can also be used for the skin as it is that ‘perfect’ moisturizer you have been looking for. You can use this oil as a remover for make-up as it is safer compared to the other products available in the market.

  • Listerine for Foot Fungus and Dandruff:

Listerine has been used as a mouth wash but this also works well for dandruff and fungus on the foot. Dilute this with water and pour it over your hair after washing. The menthol present soothes the skin and can also ‘break’ the flaking.

For fungus on the foot, mix Listerine with white vinegar in the 1:1 proportion. Soak your feet for around 30 minutes in this solution every day.

  • Garlic for Sore Throat and Flu:

Garlic has been used as a home remedy for many ailments due to the antibiotic and antifungal properties. This root can also help in boosting the immune system. When you are suffering from a cold, it is advisable to sip on a bowl of hot soup which contains a good amount of garlic.

It is advisable to try out some natural home remedies when you are suffering from minor ailments. Most of the time, this can cure the ailment and offer some relief.


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