The ultimate 5 natural remedies to release pregnancy symptoms


Pregnancy is a period during which the woman and the foetus experience significant changes. Pregnancy is both a wonderful and difficult period because the body undergoes many transformations in a short time, which causes several discomforts. Here are 10 natural remedies to relieve them.


Ginger is an ideal remedy for nausea. Pregnancy nausea affects almost 80% of pregnant women. The usual dosage is 2 g of dried ginger per day. It is found in pharmacies in the form of capsules, more practical than fresh. The same properties that promote digestion can also help soothe nausea symptoms. It is interesting to note that this ability to fight nausea is also effective in pregnant women during their morning sickness. Nevertheless, be careful about the doses of ginger when you are pregnant! Although moderate amounts (up to 1 teaspoon of grated ginger) are not a risk during pregnancy, going far beyond this dose may cause side effects. So, if you are considering taking ginger during your pregnancy, be sure to get the green light from your doctor.


The vaginal presence of the Lactobacillus genus has been shown to guarantee the physiological balance of its macrobiotic during pregnancy, thus preventing premature delivery (PTB) and possible perinatal complications. For this reason, the convenience of supplementation with probiotics of the genus Lactobacillus in the prevention of PTB has been proven. Supplementation with probiotics of the genus Lactobacillus has been confirmed together with the dietary advice, from the first trimester of pregnancy, reduces the risk of gestational diabetes in pregnant women from 36% to 13%, also reducing blood glucose and insulin levels, and improving glucose tolerance. The interest of probiotic supplementation has also been demonstrated in order to alleviate possible imbalances in the nutrition of the pregnant woman, ensuring the intake of essential components such as iron, zinc, iodine, vitamin A and alpha-acid. linolenic, which can improve the brain development of the foetus and the subsequent cognitive faculties of the child.


Insomnia is legion during pregnancy, especially in the 1st trimester (nausea, general discomfort) and in the 3rd trimester (bulky stomach which prevents you from taking the desired positions). To promote sleep, linden is ideal because it has a soothing and relaxing effect. It is to be consumed in the form of herbal teas.

The red vine

During pregnancy, circulation problems can appear, especially in the 3rd trimester: heavy legs, haemorrhoids, varicose veins, cramps etc. The red vine, rich in flavonoids, helps to thin the blood circulation. It is taken as a cure in the form of a capsule and is often associated with witch hazel.


Pregnancy requires several cup sizes for the chest. Heaviness and tension may occur. Chamomile hydrosol has decongestant properties and can be applied locally without danger using a soaked compress.

Vegetable oils

Stretch marks are areas of skin where the deep dermis, located between the epidermis and the hypodermis, tears spontaneously. If there is no treatment, it is still possible to prevent them by maintaining a high level of hydration of the skin. Vegetable oils (sweet almond, argan, apricot, avocado, borage, etc.) are harmless for the baby and allow to deeply hydrate the skin.


If pregnancy occurs in winter, it is important to guard against winter infections or treat them with natural remedies. Thyme is reputed to fight against ENT infections. It is to be consumed in infusion, at the rate of two teaspoons of flowering tops in half a litre of water, to drink throughout the day.