What are Home remedies for Urine Infection?


What are Home remedies for Urine Infection?

Urinary Tract infection (UTI) is definitely irritating and also frustrating especially if this occurs a bit too often. Anti-biotic are effective for treating this ailment but there is no harm in choosing some home remedies so that you are saved from this doctor trip. This UTI is a bacterial infection and is often due to poor hygiene. We explore the possibility of treating the Urinary infection with some home remedies for UTI instant relief.

1. Urinate when you need to:

In other words, make sure you do not hold on to your urine, this is one major cause which can lead to UTI. Urinating frequently tends to put some pressure on the bacteria which is present in the urinary tract. This can get flushed out.

Frequent urinating also lessens the time the bacteria are exposed to the cells in your urinary tract. This can reduce the risk of a ‘full-blown’ infection.

2. Drinking Water during UTI:

Staying well hydrated can not only prevent urinary infections but can also help in treating them. Water can help in removing the waste of the body through urine while retaining the required electrolytes and nutrients.

This drinking of water tends to dilute the urine and speed up the process of urinating. This means the bacteria has no chance of affecting the system.

3. UTI Treatment with Vitamin C:

The function of the immune system is boosted with the intake of Vitamin C as this is one form of an anti-oxidant. This also helps in the formation of nitrogen oxide as it tends to react with the nitrates in the urine. This nitrogen oxide helps in the killing of the bacteria. You can have Vitamin C along with cranberries three times a day for at least 3 months. This can help in avoiding the recurrent UTI you suffer from.

4. Right Clothing for UTI:

Clothing which is loose is important for the urinary infection treatment. You need to be aware that tight clothes can make the infection severe as these tend to block the moisture and helps in the growth of the bacteria.

You need to ensure the pubic area is dry and clean at all times to avoid discomfort with this infection.

5. Bland diet for Relief:

A urinary infection leads to a lot of discomfort. The diet taken at this time can make a difference to the levels of the infection. You need to avoid foods which are caffeinated, hot and spicy, alcoholic or fizzy. It is advisable to decide on foods which are high in fiber as these can help in the process of recovery.

Home remedies can help in easing the symptoms and providing some relief. It is important to consult a doctor if this urinary infection persists for a long period. Getting treated for urinary infections by qualified professionals can eliminate the risk of complications with the infection.

Take the necessary precautions to avoid these urinary infections instead of going through the discomfort.

What are Home remedies for Urine Infection:

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