What is Jaundice and how is it treated at home


What is Jaundice and how is it treated at home

Jaundice is a common occurrence not only with babies but also in adults. This happens when the levels of bilirubin increase in the blood. This tends to add a tinge of yellow to the whites of your eyes and also to your skin. This is not considered as a ‘disease’ but an indication of a specific underlying condition. Jaundice in adults can be dangerous and needs medical diagnosis. There are chances of brain damage with jaundice.

Common Symptoms of Jaundice in Adults:

Some of the symptoms of jaundice in adults are

*Itchy skin

*Dark Urine


*Fever and chills

*Pale stool

*Loss of weight


*Pain in the abdomen and also headaches

*and Swelling of the abdomen and legs

Home Remedies for Jaundice:

Home remedies for jaundice are effective in most cases. Some of these remedies are listed below to help you manage jaundice.

  1. Sunlight for Jaundice:

Exposure to sunlight is effective in managing jaundice in infants. This works better than phototherapy.

  1. Lemon Essential Oil for Jaundice:

Lemon essential oil has properties which can protect the liver. The high level of antioxidants in this oil can treat jaundice and promote the health of the liver. You need to add 12 drops of this lemon essential oil to 30ml of any carrier oil. This mixture needs to be applied to the abdomen above the area of the liver. You need to leave this on till it is completely absorbed. You can do this once every day.

  1. Treating Jaundice with Goat Milk:

Goat milk is more beneficial as compared to cow’s milk and works well for treating jaundice not only in infants but also in adults. The antibodies present in this milk are helpful in curing jaundice. You need to have a cup of this goat milk everyday to benefit maximum.

  1. Garlic for treating Jaundice:

The antioxidant properties present in allicin of the garlic can help in liver detoxification and thus helps in the jaundice treatment. All that is required is adding a few pods of minced garlic to your daily meals or you can also chew the pods if you tolerate the taste.

  1. Using Ginger for Jaundice Treatment:

Add 2 inches of ginger to a cup of water and allow this to steep for around five minutes. You need to consume this after straining, while it is warm or add ginger to your routine diet. Besides the presence of antioxidants, ginger also has hypolipudemic properties that tend to boost the function of the liver, tackling jaundice.

  1. Intake of Yogurt during Jaundice:

Consuming a bowl of yogurt everyday helps in managing jaundice well as probiotic yogurt brings down the levels of bilirubin in the blood.

As Jaundice is directly related to the health of the liver, it is important to ensure good liver health. This can be done by ensuring you choose a diet which is well balanced and nutritious. Besides this, regular exercise can also help in keeping jaundice at bay.

What is Jaundice and how is it treated at home: