What is the Natural Cure for Acidity Permanently?


What is the Natural Cure for Acidity Permanently: Acidity is one ‘sad’ experience everyone goes through at one time or another. This is uncomfortable and can even be painful. The extra secretion of the different acids in the gastric glands leads to this discomfort termed as acidity. With this, you experience heartburn, stomach ache and multiple other symptoms. Getting some relief for this discomfort can get easy with home remedies. Natural cure can help you cure acidity permanently.

Home remedies for Acidity:

The good news is that acidity is not permanent and can be tackled easily with natural home remedies. Some of these are

  1. Cinnamon for Relief from Acidity:

Cinnamon works like a natural antacid which can offer instant relief by improving the digestion along with the absorption. Cinnamon tea can be that ideal drink you are looking for to offer relief from the discomfort of acidity.

  1. Bananas works Wonders for Acidity:

Due to the high fiber content in bananas this fruit is perfect for the gut and stomach health. As these are rich in potassium, bananas can tend to ensure an increase in the mucus production in the stomach. Acidity is taken care of as this mucus prevents the formation of excessive acids and ensures the elimination of the harmful effects of these acids.

  1. Natural Cure for Acidity with Fennel Seeds:

The compound, Anethole, present in Fennel seeds prevents flatulence and spasms in the stomach. Besides this, you have a high content of dietary fiber, mineral and vitamins in these seeds which are helpful in the total process of digestion. These seeds cool the stomach lining as this has anti-ulcer properties. You can consider this as one of the most natural cure for any acidity. Regular intake of these seeds can help cure acidity permanently.

  1. Immediate relief with Pineapple juice:

This natural remedy for acidity can also tackle the heartburn effectively. You can reach out for the glass of pineapple juice whenever you have had that spicy meal you so enjoyed. The enzyme, bromelain, present in pineapple helps in controlling the hydrochloric acid levels in your stomach and is thus, perfect for relief from acidity.

  1. Chewing Clove for Immediate Relief:

Immediate relief is what you need when going through the discomfort of acidity. Clove helps in soothing any inflammation in the stomach lining, thus providing you the much needed relief. You need to know that due to the carminative and alkaline properties in cloves, this can minimize the effects of any excess production of acids in your stomach. If you are not for chewing cloves, you can sprinkle it in your daily meals.

Drinking enough of water, exercising, chewing your food slowly are some other tips that can help you avoid the discomfort of acidity. These are all natural cures for acidity permanently which require some effort. You need to ‘be aware’ of the food you eat and stay away from spicy foods, cigarettes and alcohol if acidity has been your problem.

What is the Natural Cure for Acidity Permanently