Yoga, the best therapy for the back


Various studies confirm that yoga is one of the best techniques to prevent and ward off chronic back pain. In some cases, it takes away pain even better than anti-inflammatory drugs.

Indeed, yoga is a very suitable health system to prevent and cure back pain, as it improves flexibility, strength, muscle tone, and also releases muscle and emotional tension. It also increases body awareness and thus the person learns to realize which gestures and postures harm him.
Healing asanas

The whole of the practice of the asanas allows to maintain a high degree of mobility of the joints. It also tones the ligaments that are revitalized thanks to an increase in blood circulation.

Asanas improve the static of the entire spine among others because they tone the paravertebral muscles that is responsible for supporting the spine, this improves the body posture in general such as deviations of the back (scoliosis, lordosis …)

In addition, the vertebral and muscular stretches that will be done in yoga, avoid the retraction and longitudinal decrease of the scoliosis, and thus the pain disappears little by little.

Yoga has handles that can be adapted to the needs of each person. There are some specifically recommended to eliminate pain in sustained back pain.

In fact, all the muscles that act on the pelvis influence lower back pain. For this reason, it is good to concentrate on postures that act on these muscles and on those that open the hips and stretch the back of the legs. An expert yoga teacher can be a great ally in relieving back pain.

On the other hand, along with asanas, yoga includes breathing and meditation exercises that greatly alleviate mental stress that directly affects the muscles and joints.

This psychological improvement and this emotional work that facilitates the practice of yoga has a direct impact on the health of the back where many tensions and unexpressed emotions accumulate.
These are the main benefits of practicing yoga, which affects good back health:

1. Improve flexibility.

The asanas gradually improve the general flexibility of the body and with this they reduce tensions and back pain and body pain in general.

2. Increase in strength.

Increasing the muscles and toning them in a progressive way protects the joints and helps prevent arthritis and back pain in general. In addition, when this muscular work is achieved with yoga postures, it is balanced with the improvement of flexibility.

3. Align the head.

The head weighs heavily on the body and its alignment has a direct impact on the muscles of the neck and the entire back. Yoga helps keep it straight.

4. Take care of the joints.

With the asanas, the cartilage of the joints receives more nutrients and much degenerative arthritis is expected.

5. Heal the spine.

Loops facilitate the arrival of nutrients to the vertebral discs.

6. Strengthens the bones.

Lifting weight improves bone health, and in many yoga poses it is necessary to lift one’s body weight and this helps prevent osteoporosis.