Natural Home remedies for Constipation


Natural Home remedies for Constipation:

Constipation is definitely uncomfortable. This means, there is no regular bowel movement or you find it tough to pass your bowels. There are many causes of this and most often it is the lifestyle and the chosen diet. You need to be aware that not drinking enough of fluids or not consuming enough fiber can lead to constipation. Besides this, any change in routine or even stress can lead to constipation. There are chances of feeling bloated or even a stomach pain when you are constipated. This can be sorted out with some natural remedies.

  1. Include Fiber:

Fiber does the job of a pipe cleaner; it soaks up water and scrubs the waste particles and food from the digestive tract. This means it adds the required bulk to the stools. Around 35 grams of fiber consumed every day can be helpful in dealing with constipation. This means you need to include foods like beans, lentils, oatmeal, almonds, bran cereal, dried and fresh fruits and a whole lot of vegetables. Ensure you drink enough of water to make the bowel movement smooth.

  1. Sesame seeds:

As sesame seeds have an oily composition it tends to ensure the moisturization of the intestines. This is beneficial for the problem of dry stools. These seeds can be added to different salads or cereals or even used as garnishing.

  1. Healthy Fats:

Consuming healthy fats like avocados, olive oil or nuts helps in the lubrication of the intestines. Make a salad with vegetables which are full of fiber with a dressing of olive oil and sprinkle some nuts. This can be a perfect formula to ease constipation.

  1. Drink Coffee:

You need to ensure that the colon is well stimulated and this is where coffee works best. You also have the choice of drinking warm water with lemon juice or herbal tea for the relief you are looking for. Drink enough of water if you consume coffee as this is also a diuretic.

  1. Prunes:

Prunes are ideal for getting your digestive tract back to normal if you are going through a phase of constipation. Besides the fiber present, prunes also contain a compound which can trigger the contractions of the intestines.

  1. Raisins:

Raisins contain tartaric acid besides fiber. This works as a laxative and offer the required relief for constipation. Besides raisins, you can also choose apricots or cherries. Consuming these with yogurt offers added benefits.

There are multiple diseases connected to constipation. Natural remedies are good for the initial stages but in case this lasts for more than a fortnight or so you need to see a well reputed doctor. This problem needs to be sorted out by a medical professional if you have stomach pain accompanying constipation or you find blood in your stools. Any loss of weight with constipation indicates a serious problem and needs to be tackled medically. Ensure you do not neglect this problem for a long time or else you can land in big time trouble with your health.

Natural Home remedies for Constipation: