Natural Skincare Tips


Natural Skincare Tips:

Vitamin C is one nutrient which is important for the health of the skin and hair. Besides being beneficial for the skin and hair, this vitamin offers a wide range of ‘positives’. As known, Vitamin C helps in tackling of the common cold. This can also help in boosting the health of the bones and is important for the absorption of iron. This helps in getting a healthy skin as it stimulates the collagen production. You can get a good quantity of this vitamin if you ensure including a wide range of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. You need to be aware that this specific vitamin is not made by the human body and thus it is important to ensure the consumption of this.

Benefits of vitamin C:

  1. Chronic Diseases Tackled:

Vitamin C is considered a ‘strong’ antioxidant and thus is an essential requirement to help prevent chronic diseases. These molecules, the antioxidants, are required for boosting the immune system. They can also protect the body cells from the harmful free radicals.

  1. Controlling blood pressure:

Ensuring the intake of Vitamin C helps in relaxing the blood vessels. Studies have proved that this vitamin brings down the blood pressure, which is one of the culprits of multiple heart problems.

  1. Reduction in Uric Acid Levels:

With excessive uric acid in the blood there are chances of you suffering from inflammation or even gout. This is a painful ailment and can be taxing. Ensuring a regular intake of Vitamin C can help in bringing down the levels of uric acid in the blood.

  1. Improve in absorption of iron:

Iron is important for the human body as this can make the red blood cells and also transport oxygen throughout the body. Vitamin C is one vitamin which ensures that adequate iron is absorbed from the different foods consumed on a daily basis. There are few chances of iron-deficiency.

  1. Boosts the Immunity:

Vitamin C helps in the functioning of the white blood cells, which leads to a boost in the immune system. This vitamin can strengthen the defense system of the skin and help the healing of the wounds.

Drinks rich in Vitamin C:

Listed below are some drinks which are enriched with Vitamin C and thus are healthy.

*Lemonade and Mint, Kiwi:

Besides lemons, Kiwi is also rich in Vitamin C. The lemon can help in tackling the hot summer days and this drink can provide all the required hydration.

*Orange and Ginger Drink:

You need to be aware that you can get almost 64 percent of the required value of Vitamin C with only 100 grams of orange. This orange and ginger drink offers multiple benefits as this also contains a bit of turmeric.

*Mango Kiwi Fuzz:

60 percent of the required value of Vitamin C is found in 100 grams of mango. Adding kiwi to this drink offers additional benefits for the skin.

You need to be aware that any lack of this vitamin C can lead to different problems like scurvy.

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