Home Remedies for Healthy Hair


Home Remedies for Healthy Hair

It has been years and years since home remedies for healthy hair are being researched. As most women consider hair as their ‘crowning glory’ they need to keep this healthy if not long. Long hair requires a little more effort and patience for the maintenance. You need to understand that there are multiple factors which can influence hair growth. These are hormonal imbalance, nutritious diet, exercise, general health and a lot more. In short, the health of the hair largely depends on your physical and mental health. Deciding on natural home remedies for healthy hair is anytime better as compared to choosing chemically laden products available in rampant.

Home remedies for Healthy Hair:

*Applying Egg Mask:

Egg whites can restore the softness of the hair and the multiple vitamins and minerals present can work towards the requirement of healthy hair. Take the whites of 2 eggs and apply this to your hair. This needs to be left on for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse this off with a mild shampoo, preferable natural.

*Coconut Oil and Curry leaves:

Curry leaves not only help in managing the grey hair but also work towards healthy hair. This works well not only when applied but also eaten. This herb is most common in most Indian recipes. Coconut oil is used by most for the health of their hair. The fatty acids tend to bind with the proteins of the hair and can protect the hair from the tips to the roots. This is perfect to prevent the breakage of hair.

Boil half a cup of coconut oil with 7 to 8 curry leaves. Ensure the leaves are not burned. The residue needs to be applied to the hair at least two times in a week. Keep this on for a couple of hours and rinse with your shampoo.


This herb is well known for the many health benefits it offers. Not many are aware that garlic is also beneficial for hair growth and prevention of hair fall. This is a home remedy which is commonly used for any fungus on the scalp. Garlic has a high content of the allicin compound which is beneficial for the treatment of loss of hair. The hair health is improved due to the presence of Vitamin E and selenium in garlic.

Crush 7 to 8 pods of garlic and boil this with olive oil. Massage this to the roots of the follicles. Applying this oil to your hair for three weeks is effective.


Potatoes are natural remedies for controlling the graying of hair and also for the effective health this offers. It is known that potato is full of rich nutrients, like Vitamin B, Vitamin A, and vitamin C along with iron, potassium, and calcium and phosphorous.

Add a teaspoon of honey to one and a half cup of potato juice. Add one egg yolk and a little water to this. This needs to be applied to damp hair for around 30 minutes. You can then rinse with a mild shampoo.

With multiple natural ingredients present in your kitchen for healthy hair, there is no requirement of buying the expensive chemically based shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products.